Reese Bell

Voice Actor
Broadcast-Quality || On Camera || Savannah

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Studio Sample

Broadcast-Quality Home StudioRecording Booth: StudioBricks One VO Edition
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo
Microphone: Neumann TLM 103
DAW: Adobe Audition
Computer: HP Pavilion
• Ethernet Connection
• Source-Connect Now

Featured Work  
NorthThe Not So Secret AcademyW.I.L.D Productions
JerryOsmos Sports CenterStudio DAI
Number 86The 1000 Deaths of Number 13Mythwork Studios

Reese Bell is a Savannah-based on-camera actor, Voice actor, and Improviser. Since the age of seven he has been honing and practicing his craft, through stage, student films, and YouTube. Reese is very dedicated to making an audience enjoy a performance, and is committed to making a character believable and entertaining for an audience.He is known best for his roles as Oz in Morgana and Oz, Jerry in Osmos Sports Center, Batin in Rad Mad Venture, Number 86 in The 1000 Deaths of Number 13, and Wyn in Nice To Meet You.

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